Getting ready for an interview
September 2, 2016
Post Interview
September 2, 2016
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The Interview

At the outset, it is important to develop a friendly yet professional rapport with everyone you meet in the organisation.

This can be achieved through a firm handshake, sustained eye contact, a warm smile, good posture and introducing yourself in a relaxed and confident manner.

A few basics about superficial presentation bear repeating. A well-groomed, professional appearance is essential. Anything else will detract from the best possible impression you can make.

While the interviewers will primarily determine the format, it is important that you highlight your relevant skills, attributes and achievements during the course of the interview. In addition, bear in mind that an interview is a brief period of time in which to make an impression.

You want yours to be a positive one. Present the highs and not the lows.If more than one person is interviewing you, be sure to address all of the people in the room when you are answering questions. Even if one person is doing most of the talking, or if interviewers are alternating questions, it is polite and professional to maintain eye contact with each person.Communicating information about yourself is your responsibility. It is not up to the interviewer to drag it out of you.

Find opportunities in the interview to raise points that will highlight attributes you have which are relevant to the position.Listed at the end of this section are examples of common questions. You will note that some are simply variations on a theme. If you spend some time considering how you would answer the ones on this list, you should be able to respond to questions more smoothly and with greater confidence.